Environmental Mission
Delivering Products and Services that are Good for People and the Environment

Sustainable business practices are fundamental to the operation of Zep Superior Solutions. We are continuously innovating to find ways to reduce waste in our own operations and create products and services for customers that minimize negative impacts on the environment.
We Believe Sustainable Practices
• Reduce pollution and encourage environmental best practices.
• Avoid depletion of the earth's finite natural resources.
• Reduce the risks associated with chemical usage and disposal.
• Enhance the working environment and quality of life for our customers.

Commitment to Our Facilities
Products and Processes Zep Superior Solutions is greening its own operations, seeking to reduce energy consumption, packaging, water usage and trade waste in its facilities and manufacturing processes, increasing the percentage of recycled content for packaging and through the development of environmentally-preferable cleaning solutions.


Responsible Chemical Formulations

As one of the country's leading specialty chemical manufacturers, Zep Manufacturing is committed to creating products and services for customers that minimize negative impacts on the environment.

ZEP's GreenLink ™ product range includes products certified by Green SealTM, EcoLogo, and DfE together with ZEP certified, Environmentally Preferred Products.

All of the products within ZEP's GreenLink™ product range meet the same demanding formulation criteria

Our People Care
Zep Superior Solutions is committed to understanding how we impact the environment around us. What makes Zep Superior Solutions unique is that we are focused on sustainability not solely because of the business opportunity - we are devoted to it because our employees care about the communities we serve and preserving our natural resources for generations to come.
As an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer, Zep Inc. provides full employment opportunities to all qualified persons without regard to race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, ancestry, or veteran status or any other distinction outlined in all applicable federal, state and local laws.