Working at Zep

Viann Bean, Zep’s number one Female Rep, once said, “Being a Zep Rep gives you the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and they are separated by about 15 minutes.”

Zep Reps start early, rising to the excitement and challenges of a new day. Using the plan taught to them in Zep’s sales development training program, reps begin by making sure they have the “Tools of the Trade” they will need for the day ahead. Samples, literature, order book, demo tools and a written plan are all loaded into their car and down the road they go, arriving at their first customer by 7:30 AM. Knowing that this is the first of as many as 30 calls they will make that day, Zep Reps enthusiastically approach their prospective buyers, and with big smiles and handshakes start the process of converting another business into a loyal Zep customer. Whether calling on a long-time Zep customer or a new prospect, the Reps continue showing and demonstrating Zep products through the day. Some calls become sales, some become leads and some lead nowhere, but Zep Reps meet each new face with the same energy and confidence, knowing they are representing a company and product line that is second to none in the Specialty Chemical Industry. Using all the sales skills they have been taught in Zep Sales Training and accumulated through personal experience, the Zep Reps charge on, customer after customer, until their goals have been met.

Upon returning home, the Reps take a few moments to complete all the necessary paperwork that the day has generated: orders that need to be sent in by fax or via the internet, customer records that need to be updated with today’s activity, and preparation for tomorrow. And then successful reps conduct the most important business of the day: critiquing their day to identify where they could have improved and what practices they should reinforce in the future. They plot their progress in relationship to their weekly, monthly and yearly sales goals, and like any other successful business owner, they see how profitable they have been.

Upon finishing for the day, Zep Reps enjoy their evenings with family and friends, knowing all the while that when their eyes open tomorrow morning, the challenges and excitement of another day lies ahead.

Zep Inc. Values Presentation