Whether you're servicing cars, trucks, buses or heavy equipment, Zep has the right product to help you optimize variable costs by increasing productivity, operational efficiency, and overall customer experience. Zep is proud to offer a complete line of maintenance and facilities products that allow you to focus on repairing and maintaining vehicles - not sourcing supplies.

  • Increased Productivity: - Solutions for every area of your business.
  • Operational Efficiency: - Single source for all your chemical needs.
  • Customer Experience: - Using a wide range of products to create the best overall customer experience

Automotive Categories: 
  • BULK BRAKE: One drum of brake cleaner is equal to approximately 450 (15 fluid ounce) aerosol cans of brake cleaner.
  • BULK BRAKE EQUIPMENT: Designed to set securely atop the drum to fill and pressurize a sprayer in about 20 seconds. Connects to an air compressor to pump brake cleaner from the drum in the sprayer and pressurize the sprayer.
  • BULK BRAKE REPLACEMENT PARTS: Replacement parts for the sprayer, Shur-Fill, Nozzles and Extensions.
  • AUTOMOTIVE AEROSOLS: Maintenance and drivability products in Aerosol form. This Product line offers everything you need from brake cleaner, battery cleaner, lubricants, degreasers and appearance products for vehicles.
  • MAINTENANCE/DRIVEABILITY: Maintenance and service chemicals for automobile systems including: Oil, Fuel (Gas), Transmission, Power Steering, Brake and Cooling systems.
  • ALL PURPOSE LUBRICANTS: Zep products made to reduce friction and surface fatigue.
  • DIESEL: Maintenance and service chemicals for vehicles that have diesel engiens.
  • CLEANERS DEGREASERS: Heavy-duty, non-petroleum cleaning/degreasing products.
  • PARTS WASHERS: Zep part washer cleaning systems help you minimize waste, lower cost and clean better and more consistently.
  • VEHICLE APPEARANCE PRODUCTS: Zep products created to enhance the appearance of any vehicle from tire shine to glass cleaner.
  • HAND CARE: Zep has the quality soap and dispensing solutions that are right for you.
  • AIR CARE: Zep Meter Mist can eliminate odors automatically.
  • FACILITY SUPPLIES: Zep cleaning products to keep your facility clean and sanitary.
  • GLOVES: Disposable and PVC coated gloves for the job.

Product Information