Food Processing

The Food Division within Zep® Sales and Service offers all products a Food Processing facility will require to keep their operation running smoothly and to protect your brand image in the marketplace.  We offer solutions in CIP and COP Cleaners, direct and indirect food contact sanitizers, and janitorial products.  Our line of Food Processing products is backed by the professional support of our Zep Food Safety Consultants to insure expert service and superior solutions for your operation.  Local Zep reps are poised to provide first rate product, program, and implementation support along the way.


Red Meat, Poultry, Fresh-Cut, Bakery, Seafood, Processed Foods, Dairy and Beverage. 

Sanitizer:  A broad spectrum of direct food contact and hard surface products to assure effective microbial control of environments, equipment, and food.  An ever-improving portfolio of cutting edge products stays one step ahead of evolving microbial challenges.

High Foaming Cleaners:
 Unmatched range of process equipment and facility cleaning products designed to handle a wide range of challenges with the needed level of foam duration and contact efficacy for optimum results.  Portfolio includes a variety of chemistries employed to address efficacy and environmental needs (GreenLink™ and VOC compliant).

Low Foaming Cleaners: 
Superb range of cleaning products for use in CIP and other applications where foam can cause problems.  Offer a variety of active chemicals with specific cleaning characteristics to meet end customer needs and address any environmental concerns one may have with their use (GreenLink™ and VOC compliant).

Acid Cleaners: 
Multiple low to high foam acid cleaning products to address the toughest cleaning challenges.

Janitorial and Maintenance: 
Beyond just the food processing environment, Zep can be your one stop supplier of all facility, MRO and janitorial supplies.  All products from the rest of the company outlined in this set of documents can be provided to food processing facilities from the same superb Zep rep.

Hand Care: 
A full range of hand soaps and sanitizers to prevent cross contamination through proper hand washing practices.

Product Information

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