Zep® Sales and Service has a 75 year history of making and selling Industrial Maintenance products that can be used in a variety of industrial end-market segments.  Our line of industrial MRO products is backed by the professional support of our Zep Rep to insure expert service and superior solutions for your operation.


Metal working, Oil and Gas production, Manufacturing and Auto Servicing.

Lubricants and Penetrants: From spray greases, dry lubricants and the market’s best formulated lubricants/penetrants, Zep has a wide range of high quality products that will help keep your equipment maintained and operating reliably and productively as designed.
Naturally Derived Plant Based Solvents:  We offer a full line of Soy and d-Limonene based industrial solvents for degreasing, tar/asphalt and adhesive/gum removal.  The product line can help you source naturally derived solvents, manage your VOC emissions and replace petroleum solvents if that is your goal.
Industrial Solvent Cleaners:  From fast evaporating to VOC-compliant, we offer a full line of solvents to meet your industrial degreasing/cleaning applications.
Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers & Concrete Floor Cleaning:  Alkaline, butyl and caustics based cleaners to keep your facility, equipment and floors clean and safe.

Hand Care:  Economical general-purpose, antimicrobial, sanitizers, foaming, mild liquids, industrial, powders, GreenLink® and 3rd party green certified products.
Auto Service and Maintenance:  Brake cleaners, lubricants/penetrants, carb cleaners and floor cleaners for all auto/truck maintenance shops.
Metal working fluids and protective coatings:  Cutting fluids, coolants, corrosion inhibitors and metal coating for optimal shop operation.

Parts Washing Chemicals:  Solvent and water based part washing fluids for traditional tub part washers.  Ferrous and non-ferrous metal cleaning solutions for hot vats and spray cabinets.

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