Vehicle Wash

The Vehicle Wash Division within Zep® Sales and Service offers products and programs for the transportation industry through effective cleaning technologies and expert, on-site service and support. We offer solutions in vehicle cleaning that improve your operation, by reducing costs across your entire operation. Our line of Vehicle Wash products is backed by the professional support of our Zep Reps to insure expert service and superior solutions for your operation.


Car Wash, Truck Wash, Construction, Aviation, and Fleet/Rental    

Car Wash Products:  Zep offers a complete line of products for the professional car wash industry covering every application in the car wash tunnel.  From Pre-soaks to drying agents to tire dressings Zep has the products you need for a clean, shiny, dry car.
Truck Wash Products:  Zep has a complete line of heavy-duty cleaning products for the heavy-duty cleaning needed for trucks and equipment.  We offer products for automatic systems (friction and touchless) in addition we offer excellent cleaning products for both pressure washer and bucket and brush applications.
Aircraft Cleaners:  Zep has many products which carry the approvals and meet or exceed the specifications of the United States military and the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world.
Asphalt Release Agents:  Zep offers several unique options for asphalt release agents approved by most State Department of Transportation departments.  These asphalt release agents have been proven to not degrade conventional or polymer mixes. 
Concrete Removal Products:  Zep products have been keeping Concrete trucks clean for decades. Zep has many different product options for your ready mix fleet.  We believe the safety of your employees and the impact on your vehicles are as important as getting a clean truck.  Our products take all three into consideration.

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Zep is the exclusive licensee of
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